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    My name is Dan. I'm a gamer. I'm a sports fan. I'm a father. And I'm a husband.

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    Name: Nashamire
    Race: Troll
    Class: Druid
    Spec: Guardian/Feral
    Level: 90
    Armory Page: Here

    Name: Nashette
    Race: Tauren
    Class: Paladin
    Spec: Holy/Retribution
    Level: 85
    Armory Page: Here

    Name: Nashes
    Race: Night Elf
    Class: Mage
    Spec: Frost/Fire
    Level: 85
    Armory Page: Here

    Name: Nashalo
    Race: Goblin
    Class: Priest
    Spec: Shadow/Holy
    Level: 74
    Armory Page: Here

    Name: Nashock
    Race: Goblin
    Class: Shamen
    Spec: Enhancement/Restoration
    Level: 85
    Armory Page: Here

    Name: Nashamire
    Race: Human
    Class: Death Knight
    Spec: Frost/Blood
    Level: 85
    Armory Page: Here
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Crayola Bear Heroic MoP Dungeon Gear List

So I decided that it was time to make a list. The list I sit next to my keyboard with a pen before any heroic sesssion of pre-raid gearing so that I know what I”m hoping the RNG gods will give me when we get those boss kills. This list just happens to be for all the Crayola Bears (et al) out there that are trying to gear up for Mogu’shan Vaults. So if you are interested in what agility leather drops from each MoP heroic dungeon, look no further.

I have compiled this list of items dropped in each instance from wowhead. I thoguht about adding the drop rate in for good measure, but most of them said 9-10 percent. So I’m not entirely sure the data is all uploaded enough yet to have accurate numbers there. But if you are interested, the list is after the break.

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10 Tidbits (Day 8)

So it’s been awhile… again. My on again, off again love affair with blogging and WoW has come back. I took a three month break from playing WoW and now that I’m back again, I’m really excited for Mists of Pandaria to come out. So to ease my way back into my blog, I find myself on day 8 of the blogging challenge I started back in April. Was the 20 day blogging challenge supposed to be consecutive, cause I’ve definitely not kept it up that way. But yeah, it’s still a fun way to add to my blog when I’m low on ideas. 

Anyways, Day 8 is ten things people don’t know about you. I’m going to conveniently change this to 10 things that people MAY not know about me. That way it’s a LOT easier to think of things, and I don’t have to expose myself in the process. It’s my blog, I’ll do what I want cause the rules don’t apply to me. 

Here we go: 

  1. I was in the United States Navy from 2006-2012. I was a Sonar Technician and reached the rank of Second Class Petty Officer (E5). I lived in San Diego, California for six years and it was wonderful. The weather there is so nice compared to where I now live, which brings me to…
  2. I live in Gilbert, Arizona. I just moved back here from San Diego after I separated from the Navy. It is over 100 degrees here every day and it sucks since San Diego is about 70 year round. But luckily I grew up here, so I’m semi-used to it. Plus, my family and friends live here, so it’s nice to be back where they all are.
  3. I have a kick-ass job now that I am out of the Navy. I work for Intel as a Manufacture Technician. I basically work in a group in the factory that makes sure the microprocessors are being made to the highest quality attainable. So far it’s a dream job, only one thing that makes it weird…
  4. I work night shift. I work 3 12 hour shifts (6PM-6AM) one week and 4 the next. It’s been odd trying to get used to. I work Sun/M/T every other Sat. So it’s kind of weird sleeping during the day for the first half of the week, then always transitioning back to nights on my weekends. Good news is, with this schedule I always get a 3 or 4 day weekend. Yeyeah! It is kind of weird though having 3 days off a week that no one else has off. It makes planning get-togethers very hard. But I can’t complain, it’s a lot of fun and a lot of good family time.
  5. I own and participate in an internet wrestling league. I am not too ashamed to say it here, cause come on now, we all have our odd hobbies that we love so much. But yeah, it’s an online fantasy wrestling promotion that you roleplay wrestlers in for weekly shows. Matches are done pitting one person’s wrestler against another and the winner is decided by who out wrote the other. It’s a lot of fun to me because I’ve always been a wrestling fan and I enjoy being able to create a wrestler and watch him as he progresses through my writing and the shows of the federation. Anyways, if you are interested more in what I am talking about, tweet me or leave a comment. I’d love to tell you more about it. We are always looking for new talent, and I know a lot of you write very well. Oh by the way, did I mention that about 50% of the people in it don’t even watch actual pro wrestling. It’s all about the writing and competition.
  6. I’ve not main tanked a raid before. I talk a mean bear tank game, but I’ve only done off-tanking with my boomkin set usually being the better gear than my OT set. I can attribute this to the fact that I never really was able to get attached full time to a raid team til Cataclysm, so I never really had the chance. The good news is I am forming a raid team in my guild (Alea Iacta Est) that I plan on main tanking and leading. So that will be fun. It’s a Thursday morning team that will raid from 9-12 PST if anyone from AIE is reading and decides they like the idea.
  7.  This may come as a shock to some of my AIE brethren but I don’t only stick to Horde side characters. I started off playing Horde, then switched over during Wrath to Alliance, then back to Horde when Cataclysm came out. So I have equal love for both sides. And this has bothered some people when they find out (Not really, but they do give me gaffe). But yeah, I have 85s on both sides of the war and am not sure which one I would pick if I really had to. But I guess I am going to have to with my first Panda when he hits level 10.
  8. I’m an altoholic. It’s getting pretty bad. I think I switch toon focuses about three times a week. Sure I always play Nashamire (my druid main) every week for hours and hours. But then I will decide I really want to level my rogue… but then there’s my warlock… oh wait, my priest is almost level capped. I just can’t seem to pick one. I think this goes for A LOT of people out there, but I just needed to admit it out loud. Thanks for letting me share with the group.
  9. I’m horrible at gold making. No addon, no dailies, no undermine journal, and no gold making blogs have seemed to help me. I have made a considerable amount of gold on Nashamire using his Transmute Alchemy and Jewelcrafting. But that’s the best that I do. This is also a recent development. I didn’t make all I could doing the shuffle at the beginning of the expansion. I think the highest total I’ve ever had gold wise on one toon is 20,000. If you can help me, I would welcome it. There are a lot of mounts and things I would love to buy, but can’t afford… ever.
  10. The twitter community for WoW is amazing. I can’t believe that so many people follow me and read my ramblings as much as I read everyone else’s. It’s really cool to be able to communicate and connect with so many other people from the wow community and blogging community the way I can with twitter. I’ve definitely met some really awesome people on it, and it’s made even better when Battle.net ID’s came out and more so now with the implementation of Battletags. I’ve even gone on some of the raids with twitterland raiding which are awesome. I highly recommend it because the guys and gals doing it are very fun to play with. Anyways, I’m rambling. Twitter is awesome, and you should use it.

So yeah, that’s ten things about me. They probably aren’t any big revelations about me. But they are all true, so that’s a plus. I didn’t have to make up any to come up with ten. Anyways, until next time, stay thirsty my friends.

Lore Project [Ep.2.1]: Silverpine Forest

I started heading off south and before I knew it I had crossed over into a bigger war zone than I had anticipated. I was only walking down the road to the Forsaken High Command but I was instantly attacked by a wolf creature. I don’t just call it a wolf because it was standing on its hind legs, it was fighting as if it were human. I’d never encountered anything like it, in life or undeath. After Thooashak was able to pull him off of me, we both used our strengths to take the wolf creature to the ground. I stood over the dead corpse examining it when I heard howling coming from the mountains surrounding me. I decided it was best if I kept heading to the Forsaken High Command and report my interaction with the creature there. So off I went, only I had no idea what I was in for when I would arrive.

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Blog Name Origin (Day 7)

Been a bit since my last 20 Day blog challenge post, but that’s ok. I think my new Lore Project posts are being received well, so if I spend time on them and neglect these “fun” posts, that’s fine. I’ll just leave you guys hanging, waiting for my next juicy post.

So what is Day 7? It’s describing where the name of my blog came from. Well I think I delved into this in my day 1 post a bit but I’ll do it again here for those that aren’t up to speed.

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Lore Project [Ep.1]: Tirisfal Glades

It was dark, I couldn’t see a thing. In fact, I couldn’t feel a thing either. I’m not sure where I was, but it didn’t feel like I was there for very long. After what seemed like minutes, a bright light appeared and I was standing before a Valkyrie who welcomed me back into the world. It was then that I realized that that dark place was somewhere I was never meant to realize I was. But I did, I was dead, and I was in purgatory. Standing behind the Valkyrie that obviously snatched me out of the bowls of death, was a strange looking man, it was that moment when I realized what was really going on. I was undead, and I was brought back with one purpose in mind, to serve the dark lady.

I had heard of the Forsaken taking the bodies of the dead to resurrect for their own armies, but I never thought in my mortal life that I would be one of them. I was forced into a situation, it was time to decide whether I would revolt or give in to my dark fate. Where would I go if I ran, what would I do, who would accept me? The answers eluded me and all I could think about was a like serving the dark lady was better than no life at all. So I gave into the inevitable and headed over to talk to someone named Mordo.

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Lore Project [Ep.0]: The Beginning

So I have 5 85s, and I’m not bragging. I’m simply trying to bring a little highlight to the main point of the idea that I’m going to be bringing up in this post. I have 5 85s, and I don’t know a thing about the lore of the game. The Scarlet Monastery was the guys working for the Sheriff of Nottingham. Darth Vader led the scourge before Arthas Menethil. And of course, Gamon is Han Solo.

Why do I have no idea what the actual lore in the game is? That’s simple, cause all I’ve ever really done is just click “accept” on quests and gone and done the dirty work, come back and turned them in. Notice that in that process I did not say “read the quest text and enjoy/experience the real story in the game”. That would be because I’ve never really taken the time to find out any of that information.

But that’s about to change…

I’d like to introduce you to my lore project. I’ve decided to turn things up on their heads. I’m tired of not knowing what’s going on. Why do people always root for Illidan like they do? I heard he was a baddie, so I want to kill him. But apparently there is more to him than his rough exterior? Like, why is he helping me in Well of Eternity?

I’ve been reading up on Warlocks in Mists of Panderia, and I really am interested in leveling one up. So a perfect chance arose to start leveling one up and to read all my quest text that I possibly can.

So the idea here is to read all the quest text and let you know what I’ve learned Lore wise. I want to share the knowledge, cause I guarantee there are people out there like me that think Jason (ski mask and all) taught Skadi the Ruthless his sweet moves.

What do you think? Good idea? Bad idea? Well, we’ll get a few posts in and see what you all actually think. And while I’m on the subject of what you guys think… leave a comment. It let’s me know that I should keep going, although I don’t write just for people to read, since I love the creative expression, but I’d love to hear what you guys have to think anyways.

So here we go on a new dark artsy trip down lore lane. Can’t wait to see what the “real” story is. To Tirisfal Glades!

The Setup (Day 6)

I don’t have a SUPER computer like some people roll up with, but I have a smart computer. I bought an Acer “back to school” special about 4 years ago and it’s held the test of time so far. It’s a dual core with 8 gigs of RAM, and that’s how it came. Pretty sweet deal for 350 bucks. All I had to do was upgrade the memory card and there I was rolling with 50 frames per second on ultra settings. I love that computer and it’s durability. I’m mean, let’s be honest, 4 years is a long time for a computer to stay relevant.

And that right there is probably one of the best purchase I ever made. I cannot explain to you how much those 12 buttons on the side of my mouse have changed how I play World of Warcraft. Most notably, Bear tanking using that mouse is almost mindless. I would recommend the Razer Naga to anyone and everyone looking for a gaming mouse with plenty of macroing options.

That there is my Microsoft Reclusa “gaming” keyboard. It’s not anything to shout about but the blue backlighting does match up well with the blue backlighting of my Naga. I always wanted the G15 keyboard, but never brought myself to buy it. There aren’t many macro options with this keyboard, but with my Naga mouse, I don’t really need them.

Oh and I don’t know if you saw it in the first picture of my set up, but I used a foot pedal my wife got for a “medical transcriptionist” school she signed up for back when we were first married. It’s a USB foot pedal, so I plugged it in and found out that it could be used as a PTT button for my Mumble/Vent needs. So I never have to use my hands to talk to my friends. I just push down with my foot and boom! start talking. In case you missed it, it’s pretty horrible looking, but it gets the job done.

Oh and in case you were wondering (which you’re probably not) that’s a 25 inch HP monitor and a 23 inch LG monitor. It’s always nice to have wowhead up on one screen while I play on the other screen. Always used to hate tabbing out of WoW to find things. But for the past 2 years I’ve just moved the mouse over to the next screen and continued to work.

Anyways, that’s my “setup” and I’m very happy with it. This was kind of a weird post to write, but I am dedicated to the 20 day blog challenge! Until next time, “Lok’tar Ogar!”